Generate More Leads, Closings, and Satisfied Clients Without Point2Homes

As a real estate agent in the Dominican Republic, you’re facing a significant challenge: your most crucial partner for lead generation, Point2Homes, has exited the market. How can you continue to attract prospects to your listings, schedule viewings, and ultimately close sales without this central platform?

Many agents attempt to fill the gap by increasing activity on other portals, social media, or through traditional advertising. But this often proves to be a flash in the pan: without a thoughtful strategy and follow-up, leads dissipate, and at the end of the day, you’re left empty-handed.

The Old Path

The Root

The New Path

The New Path

There’s a better way – a way that helps you elevate your real estate marketing to a new level and reliably delivers results. This way is called SMO™ – Search Marketing Optimization.

SMO™ is a holistic, data-driven approach that systematically optimizes and aligns lead generation, lead conversion, and customer retention. Developed by Simon Markus Global, this proven methodology provides real estate agents like you with a clear roadmap to:

Attract more top leads to your website with targeted, audience-specific content and offers

Achieve quicker closings through intelligent qualification, prioritization, and nurturing sequences

Generate profitable repeat business and referrals through exceptional service and seamless follow-up

The Characteristics

SMO™ is perfect for your real estate business if:

Pro Tips:

The Product:

Attract More Top Leads:

To embed these and other principles for maximum results in your business, we've developed various cooperation models - from targeted consulting and hands-on support to the holistic development of your marketing system.

Achieve Quicker Closings:

All our services follow the SMO™ methodology, designed to achieve a breakthrough in your lead generation and conversion through seamless integration and optimization of all sales activities - and not someday, but quickly and sustainably.

Generate Profitable Repeat Business:

It always starts with identifying your individual pain points, potentials, and quick wins - because only if we understand your specific situation and target audience can we precisely activate the levers that have the most impact.

3 Things / The Offer

Sign up now for a free, no-obligation strategy session and secure 

exclusive benefits

A detailed analysis of your current marketing and sales efforts with concrete optimization suggestions - as the basis for your individual SMO™ roadmap.

A 1:1 consultation session with one of our experienced SMO™ experts. Develop the next steps for more reach, leads, and closings in your business.

Access to our resource library with video training, templates, and best practices - so you can start right away and achieve quick wins.

The best part

These services, valued at 500 Euros, are offered to you for free if you sign up for a session now. We'll show you how SMO™ can demonstrably and sustainably boost your real estate sales results - risk-free and without obligation.